It's so lovely to meet you!

I was once told that a good photo "should be as close to perfect the moment you capture it." This is what I strive to live by - A photo that in its very core is you, no gimmicks.

I specialize in Portrait Photography, of all sorts, whether its a wedding, an engagement, a graduation, a family reunion or as simple as a coffee date with an old friend. I want to be there for you, for your story, I want to capture those moments and let you embrace them time and time again.

I also specialize in Real Estate Photography - a house is just as unique as an individual: it deserves to be portrayed as such. No gimmicks, authentically true to itself with each distinctive characteristic highlighted.

Details about me: 
I live with my fiancé  BrandanMichael and our two kitties VedaMae (Mae for short) and Rigby and I couldn't be more in love with them than I already am!

I love coffee, beer and tea (and I'm kind of a snob about all three.)
I enjoy cleaning .... a lot. So much in fact; it's typically my Friday night routine.
I make a mean queso. I'm serious, its something I've perfected throughout the years, and I'll gladly make it for anyone!
I am so excited to see where life takes me, and I cannot wait to meet you!