FAMILY : Schmitt | Fort Collins, CO

First we had each other, then we had you.
Now, we have everything.


I have known Josh for close to ten years now, how quickly time passes by! Josh is a joyful, caring and at times rambunctious, soul.  He and I met through mutual friends and we very quickly connected over our love for BMWS. It's kind of a weird item to connect over, but trust me when I say that he probably owns what, like three or four now? I'm not up to date with his inventory, but yes.. the love for BMW's is there.

Early one morning (I'd guess about 8 years ago) I received a call, as that phone was ringing I sleepily reached for my phone and noticed it was a number I did not recognize so naturally "they'll leave a voicemail if its important." Well it was an important matter.  It was Nikki on the other end letting me know that Josh was in the hospital (this part of the story is a long one so we'll skip it for now) I called her back quickly and before I knew it I was on my way to the hospital. When I arrived I met this adorable lady and I have to say I knew right then and there that she was the sweetest. She is down to earth, caring, and the girl can make you laugh.
Once I saw her interact with Josh, care for Josh and the way they looked at one another I knew. I knew that Josh had found his soulmate.

The rest is pretty much history! I was able to attend their wedding and watch these two bask in their love for one another.
Next came Finley. This little lady is a bundle of joy. This session was my first time meeting her and yes, I'm going to tell you about that because it is the sweetest story! Josh had her in his arms as I  oohing and awing over her cuteness. She then reaches out for me as if Josh was handing her to me (he wasn't) but once she did that, she was in my arms and content. I couldn't believe how brave and trusting she was to literally someone she had just met. Made my heart melt!

I am so honored to have captured your family enjoying an evening out together, thank you for sharing this moment with me.



Meet Josh, Nikki and little miss Finley!