REAL ESTATE : Magnolia St | Fort Collins, CO

This home was absolutely gorgeous and quirky in its own ways, and the homeowner was such a sweetheart and (thankfully) was not going to sell to anyone that wouldn't appreciate the home as it is. It takes a special person to live in an older (and smaller) home. Nancy, you were wonderful to converse with today and I cannot Thank you enough for the fresh herbs straight out of your garden. I love your home and if I could have made an offer, I would have.

I love older homes for many reasons, their character and charm alone can be enough to swoon me. I'm a sucker for charm, character and built ins, and I can easily say without a doubt that when my fiancé and I start seriously looking for a home to buy it WILL be an older home with character, charm and as many built ins as we can get. 


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