FAMILY : Jacobucci | Fort Collins, CO

Carly came to me wanting some family photos before her son turned one, when I met with Carly, I learned so much about their family and I must first tell you that when I found out her son's name was Scout, and that he had a Star Wars nursery. 1. I was instantly jealous he had a Star Wars room, and 2. How cute is his name?!  
From that moment on, before our shoot, everything I saw that was Star Wars I thought of little Scout.

Finally the morning of their shoot arrives and I am just baffled at how quickly Scout gets comfortable with me and the camera I am sticking in is little face, he's one social boy, that's for sure. There was quite a few laughs as he played with some of the props, and even more "awes" as he smiled and giggled throughout the whole session. It was so wonderful getting to know their family, and I cannot wait to capture their family's growth throughout out years, as well as another addition when he/she comes.

Thank you Jacobucci Family for such a lovely morning!

Sierra AndersonComment